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Wine Color Scheme

   The colors of wine are so distinct that even a non-wine drinker like me can recognize them. Of course, I could never truly understand wine, but put me in a room filled with varying tones of brown, rich red, burgundy, earthy green and pale yellows, and I feel as if I’ve stepped into a slice of wine country.
    Each of the colors in the wine color scheme must be used together to evoke the right feeling. Without one of the colors, the room no longer feels quite like wine. You need to have the brown of the dirt and wood, the green of the vines, the red of the grapes, the burgundy of the red wine and the pale yellow of white wine. Delicately intermixed, the colors create the essence of a vineyard through association.
    In the picture to the right, which is a wine cellar created by Wine Cellar Innovations, you can see the combination of wine colors. But more importantly, the picture demonstrates the importance of textures when decorating with wine in mind. The combination of the right colors and the right textures is essential to brining the wine country to life. Textures to use in a wine themed room are wood, cork, stone, plaster and glass. The more natural the materials in the room, the more you will evoke the earthy nature of the wine.
    As seen in the picture, the wine color scheme looks best when the main focus is placed on wood. Using a variety of different types of woods helps to acheive depth in a room based on the wine color scheme. Another great way to introduce the brown color is through cork flooring or leather. Once you’ve found your browns, focus on the red and burgundy. Those colors should be the second most used colors in the room following a wide variety of browns and tans. A great way to incoporate the red and burgundy is through fabric. Linen and other semi-course fabrics work well with the textures of the wood. The pale yellow and earthy greens should be added as accents. Use them in artwork, small fabric pieces or as accent colors in patterns mainly featuring the red or burgundy.

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