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Pomegranate Color Scheme

    Pomegranates have a wonderful, rich flavor that is sweet and delectable. But their flavor isn't their only attraction. Pomegranates are also considered one of the healthiest fruits, which means a color scheme based on pomegranates must not only capture its delicious flavors but also its amazing health benefits.
    To do that, the colors in the pomegranate color scheme must be refreshing, light and invigorating. The only heavy color in the entire color scheme should be the deep, crimson, red of the pomegranate itself. The main colors used in a room based on the pomegranate color scheme should be the crimson red, a light red and white. When those three colors are put together, a very refreshing, yet invigorating feeling is achieved.
    But leaving the color palette just red and white might bring to mind Valentine's Day instead of pomegranates. So two accent colors must be added. To accent the refreshing quality of pomegranates, use small accents of a spring green through out the room. Green's cool nature will calm the reds down while creating energy by contrasting with the reds. To accent the natural and healthy nature of pomegranates, add small accents of tan. The tan will give a slight earthy feel to the otherwise bright room. It will tone down the vibrant nature of the room and make it feel a bit rustic.

Pomegranate Photo Credit: ©iStockPhoto/IndigoBetta  and Suzifoo

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