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   When Meghan Carter graduated from Ohio University in June of 2006, she didn't have a resume or cover letter in hand. She had a vision of an Internet media company and a determination, or will you, a stubbornness to make it happen. Armed with two degrees, the title summa cum laude and the most faithful and talented employee you could ever ask for, Carter set out to build numerous informational Web sites. But after two, she realized she was neglecting her passion: interior design.
    Rather than change course and head to design school, Carter melded her passion and vision to create the decorating blog, Ask the Decorator. While Carter liked writing about products, trends and DIY projects, she grew restless sitting in one place. Her solution: jump in a car with a video camera and tape interviews with experts. It was exciting, informational and just radical enough to appeal to her tastes.
    The new direction for Ask the Decorator proved perfect for her, and some might even suggest it was in her blood. Carter's dad, Tim Carter, owned a construction company. When she was young she traveled with him to job sites and then to trade shows and editors conferences after he became a nationally syndicated newspaper columnist. Through traveling with her dad, Carter developed a love for entrepreneurship, writing, traveling and of course interior design.
    During college Carter further explored those loves. She entered the E. W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University where she majored in public relations and learned the basics of communication. But she didn't truly begin to appreciate writing until she studied abroad in Wales at the University of Swansea. There Carter took courses in literature and poetry that allowed her to expand upon the rigid grammar and sentence structures she had been taught. In addition to the art of writing, Carter also marveled at the beautiful buildings that surrounded her and spent her free time admiring them. When she returned to the states, Carter decided to get a second degree in Economics. The combination of communication skills and business know-how gave her the background she would need as an entrepreneur.

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