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   By the age of 5, I had displayed an uncanny ability to remember and draw detailed images. Standing at a department store counter, my dad asked me to draw a picture of the earrings my mom had seen and wanted. My hand went to work creating an image so detailed the lady at the counter was able to find the exact pair. Despite promising my dad that I wouldn't tell my mom about them, the second I got home I excitedly narrated the whole story to my mom. It was the last time I went Christmas shopping with my dad.
    By the age of 10, I had discovered how to move my furniture. There wasn't a wall my bed wasn't pushed against that year. Well, except for the section my bookshelf was against. Despite my best efforts my scrawny arms weren't able to move that thing. Even my attempt at levitating it with sheer willpower didn't work.
    But it wasn't until the age of 21 that I decided I wanted to be an interior designer. Yes, I was a little late. At that point in my life I was a senior in college working hard to obtain two degrees, one in public relations and the other in economics. There simply wasn't any room in my class schedule to fit a third degree. Knowing that I was to graduate in one year, I set my sights for getting a Masters in interior design. But after a brief visit to the DAAP School at the University of Cincinnati, my dreams were crushed. The only way to get an interior design degree would be to spend five more years working towards another Bachelors degree.
    Feeling shocked and dejected, I decided that no human being needs three Bachelors Degrees and began evaluating the other options in my life. I could have become a stockbroker or a public relations practitioner. Better yet, I could have combined those two fields and gone into investor relations. But believing in passion, destiny and all of those other romantic notions, I knew that I needed to follow my "bliss" as others so call it. And in my case that was interior design.
    Fortunately, the public relations major was not in the business school at my college, Ohio University. It was in the journalism school. Allow me to clarify, the E. W. Scripps School of Journalism. To some people that means something. Being in the journalism school, I graduated with a degree in journalism and a major in public relations. Basically, I knew how to write about things, which meant if I couldn't be an interior designer, I could write about interior design.
    The details for how I started Ask the Decorator is an entirely different story titled The Story Behind Ask the Decorator. Creative, I know. Despite it's lack of an original title, a part of that story is integral to my own. Determined to get the knowledge obtained while earning an interior design degree, I decided to put my journalistic abilities to work. Industry experts became my professors; factories, artist studios and stores became my classroom; and I, I was that eager student filled with questions to be answered. Each lesson was captured on film as video episodes so that others who had missed their calling as interior designers could also learn the basics of home décor and design.
    Wait. Did I say on film? That's right. It was all captured on video, and I was not thrilled about that. There's a reason why I didn't go into broadcast journalism. You can hide behind written words becoming an invisible courier of information. But with video, you're completely exposed from your lack of wit to your unforgivable fashion sense.  And my wardrobe especially was not scoring any bonus points. My preferred outfit is a t-shirt and sweatpants - a fleece and sweatpants if I decide to get dressed up. But as everything online switched to video, I knew I couldn't be stuck in the dark ages with just text on my pages. So I sucked it up, and realized that video was the best way to teach and demonstrate interior design lessons. But know, grumblings behind the scenes were common as I struggled to understand how to do hair and talk coherently on camera.

    When you meet me, you may be shocked to find that I'm short. My height is somewhere around 5 feet 4 inches with small hands and fingers included. But I promise, I have a firm handshake brought on by years of being told that it was the most important feature in business. Is it? I don't think so. I believe it's dreams. My dream is to learn everything there is to know about interior design. Your dream is to create the perfect home for you and your family - whether it's a dog or 10 children. Along the way, we'll obtain our dreams together meeting each other every week here on Ask the Decorator in new video episodes or perhaps in person shaking hands and exchanging stories.

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