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Indianapolis Colts Color Scheme

    The Indianapolis Colts is the other team hitting the Super Bowl this year, and to seem as unbiased as I really am, I had to make a color scheme for all of those Indianapolis Colts fans. While the orange and blue of the Chicago Bears color scheme is invigorating, there is something very pleasing about the simple, yet sophisticated color scheme of the Indianapolis Colts. And trust me, the colts color scheme is great for any room because it doesn't immediately scream football. Of course, that is my own personal bias. Remember, I only like football for the food.
    The two main colors in the Indianapolis Colts color scheme are blue and silver. The combination of blue and silver is always classy. I wanted to preserve that classiness and put the focus on the team colors. So I choose colors that would compliment the blue and silver rather than compete. I added black to give an edge, and of course for those big screen TVs. The white was added to help show off the silver. The brown helps to warm up the entire color scheme while giving an ode to the football. The entire Indianapolis Colts color scheme is simple, sophisticated and a bit sporty.
    As for how to use the color scheme, you really can't go wrong. Use numerous silver and chrome accessories in the room as light fixtures, cabinet hardware or picture frames. Incorporate a few black pieces of furniture, possibly lacquered for extra sheen and sophistication. Use wood floors to ground the space. And the blue, well, that can be everywhere from furniture to accessories to rugs.
    While I like the idea of the Indianapolis Colts color scheme in every room, I especially like it in a bathroom. The combination of chrome faucets and hardware, white sinks and tubs, beautiful blue and brown stone tiles sounds like a fans perfect retreat. Then top that off with the growing trend of TVs in the bathroom, and you might end up watching the Indianapolis Colts games in a deep bubble bath rather than a big couch.
    You can find the Indianapolis Colts apparel featured above at the Indianapolis Colts' Store.

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