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Instructions for Making Beautiful Bows

How to Make a Bow by author Meghan Carter

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    So many people have asked me how to make a bow that I thought it was time to make a video about it. Bows are wonderful decorations for just about anything - gift baskets, wreaths, garland, flowers and presents, which is why it is so important to know how to make a bow. While it may seem difficult at first, learning how to make a bow is very easy, and once you know how, you'll be able to make a bow in minutes. To see how to make a bow, watch the How to Make a Bow Video.

What You'll Need to Make a Bow

  • Craft wire
  • Scissors
  • A long wire or unwired ribbon - I prefer wired because it is easier to work with. To make a double bow, you will need two different ribbons.

How to Make a Bow

  1. First, cut a three inch piece of wire and set it aside. You will use it later to fasten your box together.
  2. Then take your ribbon off of the spool and straighten it out. It will make it easier to make the bow.
  3. Next pinch the ribbon about a foot or two from the end, leaving a long tail.
  4. Starting from where you pinched the ribbon, make a loop. If your ribbon looks different on either side, twist the ribbon over and make another loop. If your ribbon looks the same on both side, you don't need to twist the ribbon over before making your second loop.
  5. After making two loops, insert your pointer finger in one loop and your middle finger in another. Pull both loops up to see if they are the same size. If they're not, adjust them until they are.

  6. Continue making loops in that way until you have enough. Make sure to check that all of the loops are the same size. For a full bow, make 5 - 6 loops on either side. For a more casual bow, make about 3 loops on either side.
  7. After making all of your loops, it's time to make the center of the bow.
  8. For a formal bow, make one last small loop. Thread the wire you already cut through the small loop and around the middle of the bow. Then twist the wire to fasten the hold together. After wiring the bow together, start spreading the loops out to form the bow.
  9. For an informal bow, after making the loops, wire them together at the center of the bow. Then take one of the tails of the bow and wrap it around the center of the bow. Use a wire to attach the tail to the bow. Then spread the loops of the bow out.
  10. Once you are done spreading the loops out, it is time to cut the tails of the bow. Fold the bottom of the tail in half. Then cut the tail diagonally, starting from the folded part and cutting down away from the bow. To add interest to your bow, make one tail a bit longer than the other tail.

How to Make a Double Bow

  1. Take the ribbon you want as the background ribbon, and make the loops as you would for a normal bow. After making the loops, wire the loops together at the center of the bow together. Then spread the loops out, cut the tails and set the bow aside.
  2. Next take the ribbon you want as the front bow. Make the loops as you would for a normal ribbon, only this time make each set of loops a bit smaller than the ones you made before. When you are done making loops, your loops should look like two sets of stairs intersecting in the middle. Then make one small last loop for the center of the bow. Thread a wire through the center loop and around the center of the bow to fasten the bow together. Twist the wire together and spread the loops out. Cut the ends of the bow.
  3. Attach the front bow to the back bow with a wire, and you're done.

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