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Create Custom Stencil Designs for Your Home

How to Make Stencils by author Meghan Carter

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    Stenciled patterns look beautiful on walls, furniture and cabinets, but aren't always easy to find. If you can't find stencils that match your d├ęcor, you can make your own. All you need is a little time, a few materials and instructions on how to make stencils. Don't worry, this is extremely easy, and in my video you'll see exactly how to do it.

What You'll Need to Make Stencils

  • A craft knife
  • Thick, transparent plastic sheets - report covers work
  • A fine-point, permanent marker
  • Colored markers
  • A pattern to trace if you don't want to draw your stencil free hand
  • A scrap board to cut your stencil out on

How to Make Stencils

  1. If you don't want to draw your stencil pattern, then you will need to find a pattern to trace. You can find many interesting patterns on fabric, pillows, blankets, books, wallpaper, china and clothing. When choosing a pattern try to find one that has disconnected parts. It will make it much easier to trace. If your pattern is interlocking, then you will have to make divisions in the pattern yourself.
  2. Once you have found a pattern, trace the pattern onto a clear piece of plastic. Use a fine-point, permanent marker to trace the pattern. Take your time when tracing the pattern. You want the traced pattern to be as accurate as possible. If your pattern is too big for your piece of plastic, draw a similar part of the pattern on each piece of the plastic you use to make the stencil. That way you will easily be able to line up your stencil pattern.
  3. After tracing the pattern, color in your stencil with the colors you plan on using with the stencil. It will help you to see if you like the stencil and the colors you plan to use. If you have an intricate pattern that has different colors close together, you will want to make a separate stencil for each color. That way when stenciling, you won't accidentally paint the wrong color in the wrong area.
  4. Then cut the stencil out using a craft knife. Make sure to put a scrap board underneath the stencil to keep from scratching any surfaces. Go slow when cutting out the stencil and be very careful not to cut yourself. If you accidentally cut somewhere you shouldn't, you can use tape or glue to mend the spot. Don't worry if you don't cut your stencil out perfectly. The imperfections will give your stencil character.

It's that easy. Now that you know how to make a stencil, it's time to learn how to stencil. In the Stencil Video, I show you a very easy stenciling technique.

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