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Picture Hanging Perfection: Getting Those Pictures on Your Walls

Hanging Pictures by author Meghan Carter

  • Step-by-step instructions for how to hang pictures.
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    Hanging pictures might be one of the most universal aspects of design. Almost everyone agrees - regardless of decorating style - that bare walls need some decoration, and typically that decoration is in the form of hanging pictures or paintings. While it may take you days to determine how to arrange your pictures on your wall, hanging pictures will only take you a few minutes - and if you watch the Hanging Pictures Video, it may take you even less time. 

How to Hang Pictures

  1. Before hanging pictures, first determine how heavy your pictures are. The weight of your pictures will determine what type of picture hanger you should use.
  2. Next buy the appropriate picture hangers for your pictures. The picture hangers will have the weight they can hold printed on the box. If you don't use picture hangers that are strong enough to hold the weight of your picture, your picture may fall off the wall and bring part of the wall with it.
  3. Once you have the right picture hangers, you must determine the hanging height of your picture. The hanging height can be found by measuring the distance between the bottom of the picture and the wire or bracket used to hang the picture. The distance you find should be the height you use when determining where to nail your picture hanger into the wall.
  4. Once you know your picture's hanging height, you need to decide where you want to hang your picture. To do that first find the center of where you would like to hang your picture. Then take a laser level or an old fashioned level and set them up vertically. Measure up the amount of height your want your picture to be placed and make a dot where you want the picture hanger to go.
  5. If you are hanging a small picture, use one picture hanger. If you are hanging a large picture, use two picture hangers. Use a level to make sure the two picture hangers are level.
  6. Double check the placement of your picture hanger before hammering it into the wall. Then nail it in.

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