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Tasty and Beautiful: The Art of Edible Centerpieces

Edible Centerpieces by author Meghan Carter

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    Edible centerpieces are the surefire way to catch attention at your next dinner party. Satisfying both the eyes and the stomach, your guests won't be able to resist your beautiful edible creation. Perfect when placed on a buffet or in the middle of your table, edible centerpieces can be made of any food you like.
    On a quest to discover more about edible centerpieces, I visited Chef Jason Hill, the host of the Internet show Chef Tips. Jason taught me how to make two beginner level edible centerpieces, a grape tower and an olive tower. But first he filled me in on the three essentials of a beautiful edible centerpiece.

Edible Centerpiece Essentials

When creating edible centerpieces of your own, Chef Hill taught me three guidelines to follow that are sure to help you create a stunning centerpiece.


    If you were to create a flat edible centerpiece, someone would almost have to stand over top of it to admire it. By giving your edible centerpiece height makes it easy for someone to notice it. But that doesn't mean you're edible centerpiece needs to be three feet tall. It just needs to have enough height to be noticed from across the room.


    The colors on your edible centerpiece should match in the same way your outfits do when you walk out the door each day - or they hopefully do. Select colors that complement each other, or to be safe, only use one color on your edible centerpiece for a monochromatic look.


    While you may want to choose exotic foods for your edible centerpiece, chances are no one will touch them. Stick to simple foods that are easy to eat. People will enjoy them much more.

Grape Edible Centerpiece

What You Need

  • Toothpicks
  • Styrofoam Cone
  • Platter for the Styrofoam Cone

  • Green Grapes
  • Red Grapes
  • Plain or Chocolate Covered Strawberries

How to Make the Grape Edible Centerpiece

  1. Place the Styrofoam cone on the platter.
  2. Start sticking toothpicks around the very bottom of the cone. The toothpicks should be spaced just far enough apart for the grapes to touch when placed on the toothpicks.
  3. Once one row of toothpicks has been inserted, stick one grape on each toothpick.
  4. Stick the second row of toothpicks right above the first row. Try to stagger the placement of the toothpicks so that as much of the Styrofoam is covered as possible.
  5. Once the second row of toothpicks is in, stick one grape on each toothpick.
  6. Continue that process until you reach the top of the cone.
  7. Once you reach the top of the cone it will be hard to stick the toothpicks in. Break the toothpicks in half to make it easier.
  8. To top of the grape tower, stick one or three toothpicks in the very top of the cone. Place a strawberry on each toothpick. Other fruit or food works just as well.

Olive Edible Centerpiece

What You Need

  • Toothpicks
  • Floral Pins
  • Styrofoam Cone
  • Platter for the Styrofoam Cone

  • Olives
  • Kale
  • Lettuce

How to Make the Olive Edible Centerpiece

  1. Place the Styrofoam cone on the platter.
  2. Take a piece of the kale and stick it on the Styrofoam cone using floral pins. Place the kale so it spirals up the Styrofoam cone.
  3. In the empty space where there is no kale, take the lettuce and stick it on the cone using the floral pins. Before putting the lettuce on the cone, fold it together like a fan and then stick it on.
  4. Continue putting the folded lettuce on in a spiral all the way up the cone.
  5. Once the cone is completely covered with kale and lettuce, create groupings of toothpicks. Stick 3, 5 or 7 toothpicks in the same area.
  6. Then stick olives on the toothpicks. The olives should be touching one another in the groupings of 3 to 5 or 7.
  7. Space the groupings of olives apart randomly on the cone.
  8. Once you've put as many olives on the cone as you like, you can finish the olive tower however you would like. You could put olives, onions or any other vegetable you like on the top.

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