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Chicago Bears Color Scheme

    If you're a Chicago Bears fan, then this weekend is bound to be exciting. With the Chicago Bears gearing up for the Super Bowl, I'm sure that you're getting all supped up to support your team. And one great way to show commitment and pride in your team, is to don your home in your team's colors, which in the case of the Chicago Bears is orange and blue.
    Now I'll be honest, I'm not much of a football fan. The only thing that can get me to the stadium is the promise of some hot dogs and nachos. But despite my lack of football knowledge, there is one thing that I do know: football fans are fanatics. They love to wear their team colors. And never being one to pass up on a good color scheme, it's time to branch out from the team apparel and put your team on your walls. I've always said that decorating should be a reflection of your personal loves.
    Luckily, football team logos and jerseys are a great place to start a color scheme. Typically, they combine two or three colors that go very nicely together. In the case of the Chicago Bears, the orange and blue color scheme is a tried and true combination that has become very popular recently. While I like the thought of an all blue and orange room, after awhile that might be a bit much. So for the Chicago Bears color scheme, I added white, black and brown to the mix. The black was added for a bit a roughness and competition. And like everyone knows, most electronics are black, and you can't have a Chicago Bears room without a huge TV to watch the game. The brown was added in reverence to the football - the very thing that makes the game possible.
    When it comes to using those colors in a Chicago Bears room, you have many options. You can go the sleek, sexy route where everything looks fresh, modern and vibrant. In that room, there would be sleek navy sofas, orange and white pillows, a white coffee table, a gigantic big screen TV, black side tables and a brown throw. You could go traditional where wood is a main feature and the orange, blue and white are brought in as accessories and upholstery. You could even take your love of the Chicago Bears to the kitchen, by having white cabinets, tile or wood floor, glass mosaic tiles in blue and orange and of course, a TV that can be flipped down from under the cabinets.
    No matter what way you choose to use the Chicago Bears color scheme in your home, there is one thing that won't change: game days will be much more meaningful. And expect people to flock to your house for the game. They'll love the spirited atmosphere.
    You can find the Chicago Bears apparel featured above at the Chicago Bears' store.

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