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Bringing the Beach to Your Bathroom

Beach Theme Bathroom by author Meghan Carter

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    Many times when people set out to decorate a themed room, they go a bit overboard. And that is especially true in a beach theme bathroom because many companies sell themed decorating sets that are associated with the beach. You can get palm tree wallpaper, shower curtains, rugs, towels, soap dishes, soap, candles, toothbrush holders and more. But if you've ever walked into a room like that, you know that it doesn't feel like being at the beach. It actually has the exact opposite effect. It's overwhelming and unattractive.
    That's due to the repetition of the same pattern. When you go to the beach, you don't only see palm trees or seashells or flip flops. You see a variety of different objects: sand, surf, waves, seaweed, rocks, shells, trees, grass, towels, birds and sun. Every single one of those objects creates the beach experience. When you choose only one to decorate with, you loose the entire experience. So to capture the feeling of the beach, you must incorporate a touch of everything you see there - which means, the secret to decorating a beautiful beach theme bathroom is using a variety of colors and textures that come from the beach.

Beach Theme Bathroom Colors

    There are many ways to decide which colors to use in a beach theme bathroom, but I find the easiest is to choose an inspiration piece. Find a beach picture, beach painting or object from the beach that you find particularly striking. The piece you choose will be your guide and will tell you what type of beach theme bathroom experience you want to create. For example, a beach in the Bahamas will have very different colors than a beach in Maine. As a result, a Bahamas beach theme bathroom will create a different feeling than a Maine beach theme bathroom.
    Once you've found your inspiration piece, start looking at the different colors in it and pick out four or five of your favorite ones. Those four to five colors will be the base of your color pallete for the room. Pick three colors that you would like to be the dominant colors in the room and two that you will use in accent pieces.
Typical beach bathroom colors are:

  • Blue for the water
  • Yellow for the sun
  • Tan for the sand
  • White for the surf
  • Gray and Brown for beach wood
  • Green for beach grass or palm trees

Additional Beach Colors to Try

  • Pink for flowers or seashells
  • Orange for towels, flip flops and anything else associated with fun at the beach
  • Red for buoys or boat stripes

Beach Theme Bathroom Materials and Accessories

    After picking out your colors, it's time to focus on the materials and accessories you will be using. The beach offers a variety of different materials and textures to choose from, so finding ones you like shouldn't be hard.

Typical materials found at the beach are:

  • Warn or polished wood found as driftwood, boats, crates or shacks
  • Glass found as bottles and jars
  • Rocks and stones found scattered on the coast
  • Metal found on boats, lanterns and crates
  • Seashells
  • Sand dollars
  • Starfish
  • Twine and rope
  • Towels

    When you use a combination of those materials together, you will create the feeling of being at the beach because the combination of those objects will resonate with your memories. And the best part, you won't need a picture of the beach to feel like you're there. The combination of colors and materials found at the beach will give you that feeling, whether it's relaxing, luxurious or fun.

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